The #1 Problem When Building Your Dream House.

Building your dream home is an amazing, and in many cases, hard-earned privilege. But it can so easily turn into a nightmare.  The number one problem causing residential projects to run over time and budget (with poor quality to boot) is actually not poor contractors or the lack of skills out there. It is a lack of planning.

Imagine a doctor starting surgery without a thorough diagnosis. It is the same as trying to build a house on a bad foundation. The end result will be compromised and can be fatal – if not in a literal sense, then to your sanity, finances and relationships. There is a huge problem in our industry and that is that many people (architects and clients alike) think that a set of plans is all that is needed to build a custom house. If this were true, we would not hear about so many projects that go wrong. Designing and building a custom home needs to be rooted in a proper understanding or what you need and want AND what it costs – right from the beginning – without designing or drawing a single line.

That is why we created the Project Planning Pack. It is a simple process to help DIAGNOSE a project and to reduce project risk and improve project design.

Building is complex and expensive and there are 1000’s of decisions to be made. The Project Planning Pack introduces to the most important ones to make, ideally, before hiring an architect.

Download the Project Planning Pack here:

Feel free to share with anyone who is thinking about embarking on the journey of building a custom home.

And do let me know if you found this useful!


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